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Complete a web search on topics surrounding educating the Net Generation.

In the table below add at least one link to a resource that you found particularly helpful.
Include a description of the link and explain why you feel it is helpful. Include your name and a link to your profile. The first two entries are given as an example.

Resource name/title & link
How or why this resource is helpful
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eSchool News
tagline is "Technology news for Today's K-20 Educator"
This site is an on-line magazine. The specific article that I was reading was about educating gamers. There was a list provided if anyone is interested in writing their own games. There are also additional links for other gaming sites to try.
Beth S.
Route 21
"...a one-stop-shop for 21st century skills-related information, resources and community tools."
This site offered a list of the skills needed by 21st century learners. There was a really great diagram here that illustrated the skills and linked to descriptions of what 21st century instruction should look like. Also, there are a lot of resources for teachers/educators such as presentations and podcasts
Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents on SlideShare. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar,
This site is full of education related presentations.
50 Ways to Use Wikis in the Classroom
This site lists 50 uses of wikis to create a more "collaborative and interactive classroom".
Wikis are collaborative and easy to use with our Net Generation students when you are looking for learning activities. Teachers can get free accounts in Wikispaces and other online Wikis to use with their students.
An Australian study on teaching the Net Generation
It includes an 82 page report under "go to material" that has a lot of great information on how they learn and how to teach them!
Lou R.
Resource occasionally used in our course. It is an E-Book.
It has links to a multitude of topics concering the education of the Net Generation
Lou R.
Net generation slide show
Slide show of information about how the net generation learns and what they find important
Full of interesting information, easy to view because it's a slide show, also may be helpful for ideas for our final presentation.
Sarah P-S
Teaching the Net Generation: Strategies and Skills
An article that provides ideas for teaching the net generation.
This article discusses the unique learning needs of the Net Generation. It also addresses the use of web quests and technology based simulations to motivate and engage students.
Jared Campbell
Website provides information about its Digital Generation Project. Several videos for Educators to see how learning is changing.
The Digital Generation Project tells stories so that educators and parents can understand how kids learn, communicate, and socialize in very different ways than any previous generation
Toni G
Learning Independence: Net Gen
A group of researchers explain their conclusions about the net generation learners
This article is a good resource for teaching net generation learners. It explains why there is a shift in learning styles and how those look in the net gen. It also offers suggestions for to teach them using webquests and other resources.
Michelle F.
Teaching Excellence Network Education and the Net Generation
This is a collabortion of key ideas from various articles on Educating the Net Generation and from the book Oblinger and Oblinger (2005) EDUCATING THE NET GENERATION.
This website was helpful because it presents the key ideas of Educating the Net Generation in a reader friendly way. It bullets information and you don't have to do a lot of reading to find the main points. It is a great skim article for research papers that still provides you with important information from valid resources.
Holly S.
This is an article found on the EducationWorld site that focuses on working with the Net Generation.
The author shares principles of teachers who thrive in educating the Net Generation. The best way to learn what works is to hear from those who have been successfully using these methods.
Emily H.
Wiki that lists (with links) and describes different web 2.0 tools that teachers can use with their classes.
Mainly geared toward media specialists because they are often the ones introducing these tools to their teachers - includes social networking, podcasting, blogging, wikis,. etc. Also provides info on why we should be incorporating these things to reach this generation of students.
Jessica M.
DE Tools of the Trade
"Free web based tools and resources for online eduators." Maintained by an online teacher in a K-12 virtual school. John shares tools that he finds practical and useful.
An excellent blog to subscribe to to learn about the latest tools available on the web that can be used by students and teachers.
Nancy S
iLearn Technology
Links to website to integrate technology into the classroom.
Another blog to subscribe to. What I like about this one is that each post or review of software/application is broken into: What It Is, How to Integrate It, and Tips.
Nancy S
Kids and Technology
Links to websites applicable to the primary grades. Also addresses iPod apps that can be used within the classroom.
Another blog which I subscribe to. The appeal of this one is that it is often short and sweet, with additional links and always a visual in the form of an image or video clip.
Nancy S
Authentic Learning for the 21st Century
Great article on using gaming in the classroom
From the EDUCAUSE resources, a pdf doc by Marilyn Lombardi speaking to learning by doing
Ruth R.
Game Classroom
This site provides grades K-6 with a number of games to reinforce Math and LA concepts include giving Oral Presentations.
The site makes learning some difficult concepts much easier and more fun. I thought the fact that it also includes tips on giving oral presentations for students that age was a real bonus.
Roann MC
LearniT TeachiT
This specific link gives a lesson on Digital Ethics including copyright rules, fair use, scams, hoaxes, and flaming.
This website gives lesson plans, video tutorials of technology skills, and resources and best practices.